Service Strategy
We first understand the customer's needs and intentions in the early stage, and then we provide our professional knowledge on the customer's product for reference and assist the customer in completing a perfect product. If customers need mold development services, we also have designers who can give customers advice.
1. Make samples according to the requirements of customers. Customers can provide mold materials, or we can provide the mold and we contract the materials. If we need to develop the mold, the mold opening costs need to be borne by the customer. (If the order quantity reaches a certain amount, we can refund the corresponding mold fee) After receiving the mold payment, design and development will begin.
2. After both parties confirm that the proofing is qualified, they sign the contract and pay the deposit. Production time is calculated from the time the custom mold is completed.
3. The product delivery time will not exceed 45 days.

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